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    Sydney Sound Cables assembles the finest professional audio and lighting cables available. All cables are hand assembled drawing on experience of more than 12 years on the job. This means you will get the most durable, trust worthy, lasting cables.

When you buy our products you buy for life. If the manufacturing or parts let you down its covered under our Lifetime Warranty. Of course miss-use including cable cuttings, squashes, melting or connection to high voltage are not included. Don’t worry theses cables are tuff.

If you’re an Audio Professional, a Musician, Band, a Studio or Production House Owner, Hire Company, Lighting operator / Designer, new business, or if you just depend on your cables working you have come to the right place.

Canare Neutrik Klotz Mogami Sydney Sound Cables Canare Neutrik Klotz Mogami Sydney Sound Cables Canare Neutrik Professional Audio Cables Australia Sydney DMX Lighting

Phone: 0404 222 160

Email: info@sydneysound.com.au


Support local industry  - buy quality cables that will keep working for you..

Nathan Cavaleri playing Sydney Sound Cables “ Golden Axe” instrument cables. ( With lovely Amy)

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We use:

Brand Products.


Extend your Insert Cable to fit any console.

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       Instrument Cables

 - Guitar and Instrument cables

 - Wireless guitar cables

 - Pedal Patch cabling

 - Speaker cables

Microphone Cables and Professional Audio Cables


 - Microphone, TRS, Insert cables etc

 - Stage and studio cables

 - Digital and analogue

Custom Order Audio Cables

  -  Lengths, colours, connectors

  -  Multi-cores, DB25, Edac, RF

  -  Built for your gear

Studio and Venue Audio Installations


 - New facilities, old facilities

 - Maintenance

 - Live venues, recording facilities

 - Film. TV and Post Facilities

IPod, Headphone and HI FI


 - Interconnects, speaker wires

 - Headphone extensions

 - IPOD audio cables

One of Sydney Sound Cables’ “Silver Rabbits—Two Right” instrument cables.

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Handmade Cables

Custom Order Cables

Lifetime Warranty

Built to last - Affordable


“raise the profile of your facilities”

Text Box: About Canon DSLR 5D mk2 audio cables here...


Cheap Insert Cables are notorious for buzzing, breaking, being  confusing, time and money wasting! Ours are made from one length of cable, so there are no weak joins. Proven reliability.


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Our Heavy Duty IPOD / Headphone cable range for Computers and IPODS. Check them online.

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CYPRESS HILL receiving their custom Green Sydney Sound Microphone Cables for their studio.     

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Lighting Data


  -  DMX 5 and 3 pin

  -  3 to 5 converter cables

  -  Ethernet data

  -  DMX terminators



AES/ EBU and SPDIF digital audio and Word Clock cables.


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Bulk cable enquiries welcome.  Get the cables you need for your  band or business. Studios,  hire companies, schools, re-sale. 

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Baroness playing Sydney Sound Cables “Silver Rabbit” guitar cables. On tour with Metalicca.

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Wireless Guitar

For Shure, Line 6, Sennheizer, Audio Technica etc….

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Sydney Sound Cables now offer Canare, Mogami or Klotz as a standard cable option for  our instrument cables.


Also Get a free Velcro Cable Tie on each of our cables purchased.

Buy colors online now!

Lots of new colors to choose from as standard options on many or our cables. No extra cost!